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I have been using Ron Immink as moderator/facilitator and influencer for all my KPMG events and initiatives. Ron is a critical part of our operations and provides vital insights into our target market and our business which allows us to become more dynamic and competitive in the marketplace Ron is excellent at facilitating any conversation across a broad spectrum of sectors and service areas, he can connect up a group to create an open conversation platform which has significantly positives effects. Ron is not only professional but he is approachable and personable which has had a tremendous impact on what we are trying to achieve. Ron has phenomenal depth and breadth of knowledge in all his fields of expertise but is also willing to learn and listen to others which he then implements going forward, this is an invaluable ability. Ron has been an integral part of the KPMG journey most especially in the SME, Entrepreneur, Emerging Business space. Ron has exceeded our expectations on what we had hoped to achieve and I highly recommend him. Alison Cotter, KPMG, Dublin 2018-2019

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