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I would like to take this time to highly recommend Mr. Henri Horden as a public speaker and trainer. I recently had the opportunity to attend one of Henri’s ViCre workshops and the experience was fantastic. This workshop extended over the course of a week and Henri made the time go very quickly. He was engaging and clearly had a mastery over the content he was presenting. He was not only energetic, but very entertaining in how he presented the material. At one point I asked him if he had done any stand-up comedy in his past because he was very funny. His style, which I can only describe as a “show” was very effective in communicating the concepts and approaches of the ViCre system. Again, I would highly recommend Henri to any organization that is looking to leverage public speaking, entertainment and educational content to achieve their mission. Please do not hesitate to contact me if there are any questions.
JBT Liquid Foods

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